Roivant Sciences event - seminar

18 April – Roivant Sciences – How to create a multi-billion-dollar pharma company in four years from scratch

Creating any startup – let alone a very successful one in the healthcare space – is a remarkable feat. However Roivant Sciences has shown it is not impossible. In less than four years it has become one of the most prominent biotech companies in the world with a vision of systematically reducing the time and cost of developing innovative therapies.

The company does so by identifying promising medicines in the pipelines of other companies and research institutions, creating win-win partnerships and then launching new subsidiaries around specific therapeutic areas.

It is for those achievements that BaseLaunch is especially proud to have Roivant as one of the Healthcare Partners of BaseLaunch, which helps build transformative healthcare ventures.

Join us at this event with Sascha Bucher, VP, Head of Global Transactions of Roivant Sciences to learn more about how Roivant finds and transacts on exciting new compounds to create value for Roivant and its partners at record speed while also ensuring that important medicines are rapidly delivered to patients.

When: April 18th starting from 18:00 (17:45 door opening)

Where: BIOCLUSTER des HARAS, salle de réunion Biocluster 3 23 rue des Glacières Strasbourg




Door opening


Introduction, Stephan Emmerth, BaseLaunch; Nicolas Carboni, SATT Conectus


Sascha Bucher, Roivant Sciences


Q&A and Apéro


Participation to the event is free of charge; however, your registration is mandatory.