Q&A: Valuation of innovative companies: value of science or value of cash?

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Next in the series, BaseLaunch moderates a discussion on Valuation of innovative companies: value of science or value of cash?

Value of science and value of cash are two different languages. Mastering both is key to agility, velocity and sustainability of innovative ventures.

The risk adjusted, net present value (rNPV) method is commonly known as the standard valuation method used within the biopharma area when evaluating assets beyond discovery stage. Well-calibrated, the rNPV method is a powerful tool to assess and challenge the company’s strategy. It also shows how the value develops over time and along reaching milestones.

Is it however what investors look at when making decisions?

For investors, it is crucial to understand how long it takes until the exit and what the potential return on investment might be. What are the conditions to harvest their investment? How might the multiple rounds and incentive packages impact their stake and value sharing rules? All along, it is about cap table and market liquidity.


When: 18.06.2020, 14:00 – 15:15

Where: Zoom webinar, link upon registration



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Leonildo Delgado, BaseLaunch



Marie Petit, Villiger Valuation  






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