Protecting an invention Seminar participants female

21 March – BaseLaunch seminar on Filing and licensing IP

The very first steps on the road from bench to bedside

Protecting an invention is absolutely key and one of the first steps on the route towards commercializing promising research.  Additionally, where the IP is owned by the university hosting the inventor, in order for any investor to put real money into the company, one has to negotiate a licensing deal on the IP with the respective tech transfer office.

This seminar will have Philipp Marchand from Vossius & Partner talking about common pitfalls when filing for IP. Also how Vossius & Partner work together with founders and tech transfer to define the future IP strategy at an early stage.

Furthermore, Claus Peter Pietruk from Vossius & Partner talks about critical deal terms of license agreements from the point of view of the future biotech. Andrea Foglia from the technology transfer office of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine explains what the experts pay regard to when granting a license to a future biotech company.

Please join us on March 21st, 16:30-19:00, at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Bellinzona.

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