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Our program cycle consists of two phases, which extend over a total of 15 months.

Application Deadline: June 30, 2017

Phase I: September 14, 2017 – November 30, 2017

Phase II: January 2 – December 21, 2018

Phase I: Establishing or refining the business case

All projects that have been selected by the Selection Committee can enter phase I, during which they solidify strategy, R&D plans and operations. The startups will work closely with the BaseLaunch Team as well as our network of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Advisors and Consultants. For consultant services, financial support through BaseLaunch can be as high as CHF 10,000 per project. Tailored working sessions and workshops will also be offered. At the end of phase I, startups are expected to present to the Selection Committee, which chooses the ones that can continue to phase II.


Phase II: Generating critical scientific data and developing the company

During phase II, the work in the laboratories at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area focuses on generating key data and reaching project-critical milestones. Start-ups can count on the help of our network of experts. Start-ups accepted for phase II will receive a grant of up to 250,000 CHF. In order to be eligible, startups should be incorporated and/or legally registered in the Basel region. Phase II is completed after 12 months.

What we offer


BaseLaunch offers direct funding available in the form of grants and as services. Our extensive network of entrepreneurial, scientific and technical experts share their experience. Equipped, ready-to-use labs free of charge for participants are part of our infrastructure. Healthcare Partners offer direct access to valuable industry knowledge and market know-how.

Four strong pillars help put your
healthcare innovation on the fast-track to success

Grants for startups
Infusions of Funds
Industry access for healthcare startups
Industry Access
Insights biotech and pharma ecosystem
Infrastructure and laboratories healthcare startups

Infusions of funds


During phase I, financial support through BaseLaunch for consultant services can be as high as 10,000 Swiss francs per project to further solidify strategy, R&D plans and operations.


For companies in phase II, grants of up to 250,000 Swiss francs will be offered. Funding is expected to be used to reach critical milestones. The amount of funding may vary according to project requirements. Furthermore, BaseLaunch will actively work with the start-ups to raise additional non-dilutive funding from foundations and government grants as well as facilitating contacts to business angels, venture funds, and family offices.

Industry access


Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Novartis Venture Fund, Roche and Pfizer are our Healthcare Partners and are engaging with us to find, and support transformational innovations that solve unmet medical needs. Through their participation in the Selection Committee, our Healthcare Partners offer direct access to valuable industry knowledge and experience relevant to develop and boost transformative healthcare solutions.



Besides support from the BaseLaunch Team and the Selection Committee, BaseLaunch also offers participants further hands-on support. Our strong network of Advisors and Consultants are senior executives who provide valuable input and feedback on participating projects. They have deep experience in the healthcare industry or in specific areas such as new ventures, finance, legal, intellectual property, research and development, regulatory affairs, etc. Our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence are professionals with a distinguished career in the pharmaceutical industry who are eager to work with and potentially build and join participating healthcare startups.



BaseLaunch also offers equipped, ready-to-use laboratory and office space, both free of charge, at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area in Allschwil. For translational experiments and special types of equipment, core facilities of our partners may be accessible. Once the program ends, participating companies can explore the possibility of continuing their operations at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area.

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