March 26th – Workshop A practical guide to financing terms of a Life Sciences start-up

Financing Biotech start-ups usually requires financial resources that exceed what founders can summon up. Bank loans are not appropriate for start-ups. This means that addressing venture capital investors becomes necessary. The seminar will deal with typical terms of contracts between Business Angel investors as well as VCs and start-up companies (e.g. liquidation preference, anti-dilution provisions, ESOPs etc.) and considerations behind them. For start-ups seeking equity based financing it is of great interest to understand such language and know about the specifics of negotiation with venture capital investors.

The seminar on March 26th, 2019 at the Switzerland Innovation Park, Gewerbestrasse 24, Allschwil  will give founders and people thinking about founding a biotech start-up an interactive introduction into equity based financing. The participants will work on a case study of a series A financing round. They will develop a term sheet dealing with the specifics of venture capital financing.

When: 26.03.19, 13:30 – 18:00
Where: Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, Gewerbestrasse 24, 4123 Allschwil



Welcome and introduction of participants


Introductory lecture and presentation of the case study


 Work on the term sheet of the case study
(divided into two groups: investors group and founders group | incl. coffee break)


Discussion of term sheet and final, interactive lecture


Discussion of term sheet and final, interactive lecture


Q&A and wrap-up


The seminar will be given by Ruedi Gygax, an Innosuisse expert and former Managing Director of the Novartis Venture Fund as well as former Managing Partner of Nextech Invest. Furthermore, the seminar will be accompanied by Peter Kresta from KSP, an entrepreneur and management consultant, among others, in the area of biotech financing.

Registration and Cancellation

Participation to the event is free of charge; however, your registration is mandatory. For registration please wirte an email to including a short descirption of your person/ company and why you like to attend this event. If the seminar is overbooked we only admit one person per company. Registration will be confirmed or declined one week prior to the event. In case you later find you cannot attend, please kindly use the link in the registration confirmation sent to you by email to cancel your registration and free your spot for someone else.

Startup projects are preferred

If applicable, please include a short description of the project for which you would like to attend the seminar. As the economic promotion of the Basel area, we specifically support startup projects from the region with our free seminars and workshops. Hence, startup projects from Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft and Jura are handled with priority, remaining seats are given to all other registrations according to registration date.