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ABBA Therapeutics AG
ABBA Therapeutics develops therapeutic antibodies against novel targets for cancer immunotherapy.

β-catenin project
The beta catenin project aims to develop novel therapeutics for the treatment of colorectal, lung, liver, breast, brain and ovarian cancers by removing pathological proteins from the human body.

Anaveon is a late pre-clinical phase biotech based in Basel, Switzerland.  It focuses on the development of next generation IL-2 based therapeutic antibodies for tumor immunotherapy in melanoma, kidney carcinoma and lung cancer.

CellSpring analyzes human cells grown in special 3-Dimensional environments to develop new tools for diagnosing early-stage cancer.

Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals AG
Polyneuron is committed to the development of a promising new drug class to treat autoimmune disorders.

SERI project
The SERI project develops new medicines to treat anxiety and stress related disorders by modulating the activity of cannabinoid molecules in the human body.

SunRegen Healthcare AG
SunRegen develops novel drugs for neurodegenerative diseases.

T3 Pharmaceuticals AG
T3 Pharma develops the next generation bacterial cancer therapy.

The mission of TEPTHERA is to offer individualized therapeutic cancer vaccines.

TheraNASH develops precision medicine for fatty liver disease – a rising cause of liver cancer world-wide.

VERSAMEB is a regenerative medicine research and development company.

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