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Life Sciences workshop series for Biotech entrepreneurs and Business / Corporate Development professionals

Join us in this unique life sciences business development workshop series co-organized by the Swiss Healthcare Licensing group ( and BaseLaunch. Hear from leading industry experts, as they cover a wide range of topics relevant for emerging biotechs.

Additional workshops cover essential legal and IP aspects of starting a healthcare venture. These topics are co-organized with Vossius & Partner, Vischer and Kellerhals Carrard.

The target audience are founders, entrepreneurs, business & corporate development professionals, and others with an entrepreneurial spirit.



Most workshops will run from 3:00 – 6.30 pm in the Swiss Innovation Park, Gewerbestrasse 24, Allschwil.

19.09.2018      How to structure your team from a legal perspective

Workshop leader: Christian Wyss, Law firm VISCHER

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Relationship among co-founders and to first employees
  • Initial Shareholder’s Agreement
  • Employee participation: Dos and Don’ts



27.09.2018      IP portfolio generation and its valuation as asset by investors

Workshop leader: Philipp Marchand, Law firm Vossius & Partner. This seminar centers upon strategies on how to build up an IP portfolio in life sciences that provides optimal protection and that can help to increase the company’s value for investors.



11.10.2018      Partnering transactions: from term sheet to due diligence 

Workshop leader: Christian Wyss, VISCHER

The workshop illustrates the mechanics of term sheets for partnering transactions and explains how they are different from term sheets for equity financings. How does the timing of your research collaboration affect your next financing round and vice versa? What are the different forms of exclusivity and how do they affect your company going forward? You get the tools to navigate the thin line between enticing potential partners and giving access to your technology under value. The workshop further provides hands-on advice on how to prepare for due diligence and how to meet expectations of industry partners and investors without losing sight of negotiation strategy, intellectual property issues, confidentiality, and privacy concerns.



18.10.2018      What start-ups need to know about taxes      

Workshop leader: Nicholas Mosimann, Law firm Kellerhals Carrard

The workshop focuses on the following topics:

  • Impact of different Cantonal tax rates and tax holidays
  • Valuation of shares
  • VAT, Stamp Duty
  • Thin capitalization rules



25.10.2018      Raising money from family and friends

Workshop leader: Matthias Staehelin, Law firm VISCHER

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Equity vs. Debt investment
  • Personal vs. Corporate liability
  • Mechanics of convertible loan



31.10.2018      Alliance Management

Workshop leader: Anthony Hörning, Strategic Transactions Advisory AG

Develop an understanding of how your partners may approach implementation post-signing.

What is your experience with alliances and partnerships? Have interests been met? Clarify differences between alliances and “deals”.

Plan your Business Development strategy, consider resource needs and develop a mindset towards “implementation matters”. Challenge yourself to generate improved implementation of collaborative, license-based alliances. Engage in a case study to develop a deeper understanding of licensing collaborations.



07.11.2018      Protecting your IP in collaborations

Workshop leader: Bernd Hauck, Law firm Kellerhals Carrard

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • IP allocation in research agreements



15.11.2018      In-Licensing from Technology Transfer Offices

Workshop leader: Alexandra Carrel, Law firm Cabinet Carrel

Learn how to understand and structure the best deal when negotiating licenses from universities. This workshop sheds some light on pitfalls, risks, and leverages of negotiations around the term sheet.



17.01.2019      Sell the story!

Workshop leader: Thomas Staffelbach, ts-communication

A good reputation is priceless. It is built by continuous, credible and repeated communications. Handled carefully and professionally before, during and after negotiations, good communications can add real value to a licensing deal. The workshop covers some basic rules of how communications work, explains the different communication materials needed in a licensing process and shows how business developers should prepare teasers and confidential slides decks.



31.01.2019      Negotiation

Workshop Leader: R. Groeneveld, Groeneveld & Partner

You learn everything about the basics of negotiations skills in a structured and very interactive way. The focus of this session is to understand and partially practice the strategic and communicative skills needed to negotiate successfully across cultural and national boundaries with the focus on:

  • controlling the negotiating process through the use of listening and questioning skills
  • adapting behavior through the various phases of a negotiation
  • training bargaining and closing techniques
  • countering negotiating tactics and tricks.



07.02.2019      Valuation from a startup perspective*

Workshop leader: Marie Petit, Villiger Valuation, Basel

The purpose of this workshop is to decrypt the reasons behind using rNPV or VC methodologies to value a product or a Biotech company. The risk adjusted, net present value (rNPV) method is the standard valuation method used within pharma and biotech companies when valuing assets beyond discovery stage. Well-calibrated the rNPV method is a powerful tool to build, challenge and value the company’s strategy. It also shows how the value of the company develops along reaching milestones. Is it however enough for investors?

From an investor’s perspective it is crucial to understand how long it takes before an exit and what the potential for ROI (Return on Investment) is. They need to figure out the conditions to harvest their investment as well as to anticipate the multiple later-round investors and incentive packages to key employees that may dilute their stake. Learn the how’s and when’s of using the rNPV method versus the venture capital method.


*: this workshop will also be held prior to the SwissHLG Winter Conference in Charmey, Feb 3 – 5, 2019 (see – Early Bird registrants will have free access to this workshop


The workshops are free of charge but registration, along with a potential short project description, is necessary. Priority is given to people with tangible projects in mind. Please register here